Why Is My Old Ear Piercing Leaking Clear Liquid : Common Causes And Effective Solutions

Have you done ear piercings a long ago? Is clear liquid coming through the holes? Wondering why the white fluid is leaking through your earlobes? Is it normal or something to be concerned about?

One primary reason for transparent liquid leakage is your body’s response to the ear piercing. However, it can happen due to infections or other reasons.

Determining the main reason for this problem is the key. Be with us if you are wondering why is my old ear piercing leaking clear liquid.

Why Is My Old Ear Piercing Leaking Clear Liquid?

Is your old ear piercing discharging transparent liquid? It generally happens for two reasons:

01. Body Reaction

Our body reacts when something is inserted into it. But the reaction time may vary from person to person.

Some bodies may react within a few days or weeks. And others may react after several months.

Your earlobes may leak clear or white liquid as a part of a body reaction. It is a part of the healing process for people who need a long time.

But why this lymphatic fluid comes through the earlobe holes? Our body has a lymphatic system. It consists of white blood cells and other immune system cells.

Its main job is generating lymphatic fluid to fight off infection and heal wounds. You have nothing to worry about as long as the liquid color is clear, white, or yellowish.

02. Getting Hit Or Bumped

Is your ear piercing get hit or bumped? If so, it may cause clear fluid to come through the earlobes.

The lymphatic fluid may build up and form small pockets of fluid in and around the piercing site.

However, if too much transparent liquid is coming through the piercing holes, quickly seeking professional help is necessary.

Is It Normal Red, Green, Or Brown Liquid Leaking Through The Ear Piercing?

Generally, a clear or white liquid is supposed to come through the pierced holes as a part of the healing process. It collects and removes dead cells.

But it is a severe issue when the liquid color is red, green, or brown. It is a common symptom of infection.

Your body’s immune system will respond to this infection by discharging red, green, yellow, or brown liquid.

Make sure to reach out to your piercer quickly and treat the illness as early as possible. Delaying the treatment will result in additional problems.

What To Do If Old Ear Piercing Is Discharging Clear Liquid?

It is common to face liquid leakage in ear piercing. But the following course of action can keep the ear piercings safe and minimize the risk of infections.

01. Cleaning The Piercing Area

It is a good rule of thumb to clean the piercing area two or three times daily. Make sure to use antibacterial a mild antiseptic soap, such as Dial, Lever 2000, Soft soap, etc.

You can also apply saline solution or a gentle cleanser for better cleaning.

But avoid applying any rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. They will slow down the healing period.

You can use rubbing alcohol to clean the jewelry or earrings. Ensure you wash your hands properly before cleaning the piercing area and the jewelry.

02. Using Petroleum Jelly

Your ear-piercing area may become a bit dry from several cleanings a day.

You can use petroleum jelly that has a squeeze tube. It will keep the piercings moist and boost the healing duration.

Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to avoid the transformation of germs, bacteria, and dust particles to the inner area of the earlobes. It will protect the skin.

03. Dab, But Don’t Wipe Off

Avoid wiping off your ear piercing because it will cause friction and irritation to the piercing site. This may slow down the healing duration and raise the risk of infection.

Instead, it is a good practice to dab the pierced area with a clean cotton ball or gauze pad soaked in saline solution.

Dabbing will keep the delicate tissue around the piercing site safe. It will also eliminate any dirt or debris from the vulnerable areas.

Avoid using any cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals. It may harm your skin.

04. Don’t Touch And Twist The Piercing

Avoid touching the piercing area unnecessarily with bare, dirty hands. You should not also twist or rotate the jewelry.

When dirty fingers touch the delicate skin of the ear, it will introduce bacteria and other contaminants. This may increase the chances of infections.

Also, keep the piercing area dry and fresh. Avoid swimming or bathing in water that may contain bacteria.

Wrapping Up

Now, you know the answer to this question:  Why is my old ear piercing leaking clear liquid?

This problem is mainly common among people who take a little more time to heal. However, if the liquid discharges too much regularly, you should seek a doctor’s help immediately.

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