Can I Put A 14g In A 16g Piercing?

Can You Put A 14g In A 16g Piercing

Body piercing is exciting for many people, but doing it safely and correctly is crucial. Choosing the right jewelry is essential to ensure your piercing heals quickly. That’s why you must choose the correct gauge for your piercing. You might wonder whether you can put 14g jewelry into a 16 piercing. Many people have the … Read more

Ear Piercing Claire’s Vs Tattoo Parlor: Which is Best for Ear Piercing?

claire's vs tattoo parlor

When it comes to getting your ears pierced, you have several options. Many people prefer to get service from Claire’s and tattoo parlors.  But a hot debate exists between Claire’s vs. Tattoo Parlor. Which one should you choose? You will learn everything from this article. What Is The Difference Between Claire’s Vs. Tattoo Parlor For … Read more

Frog Eyes Piercing Vs Snake Eyes: Ultimate Comparison!

Frog Eyes Piercing Vs Snake Eyes

Tongue piercing symbolizes a fashion statement. But people often get confused between frog eyes piercing vs snake eyes piercing.  Similar to the frog eyes tongue piercing, the snake eyes piercing also causes the ends of the jewelry to stick out above the tongue’s surface, giving the appearance of snake eyes. Here, we will help you … Read more