Septum Piercing Pain Scale 1-10: All You Need To Know

Septum Piercing Pain Scale 1-10

Septum piercings started becoming popular in the 80s, but their history is thousands of years. It has become a symbol of spiritual connection and self-expression. Nowadays, punk rockers and rebellious teenagers do septum piercings. But how painful are septum piercings? Piercings are painful as the needle goes into your body parts. But what is the … Read more

Does A Septum Piercing Change The Shape Of Your Nose?

Does A Septum Piercing Change The Shape Of Your Nose

Septum piercing is a popular body modification and a century-old tradition worldwide. It is done through the septum, the thin area between your nostrils. But does septum piercing actually change the shape of your nose? Let’s read on to find more. What is Septum Piercing? A septum piercing is a type of body modification located … Read more