Septum Piercing Pain Scale 1-10: All You Need To Know

Septum piercings started becoming popular in the 80s, but their history is thousands of years. It has become a symbol of spiritual connection and self-expression. Nowadays, punk rockers and rebellious teenagers do septum piercings. But how painful are septum piercings?

Piercings are painful as the needle goes into your body parts. But what is the septum piercing pain scale of 1-10? Your pain tolerance level will determine how painful this piercing will be. Keep scrolling to learn everything about septum piercing pain.

Is Septum Piercing Painful?

Septum piercings are done at the center spot of our nose, where a thin wall of cartilage is located. It is often called the “sweet spot” as it is between the right and left nostrils.

The needle generally goes through the softer tissue space just under the septum without penetrating the cartilage.

Most people experience temporary pain while doing septum piercings. They didn’t describe it as describe chronic or persistent pain. It is only a minor pain for more than 70% of people.

However, correctly doing the septum piercings is crucial. Another essential thing is the piercer’s skill and experience in performing accurate and straight piercings.

You can’t also overlook the importance of proper technique that will directly affect the outcome of the piercing, including healing time, level of pain, and risk of infection.

Using the correct technique will ensure optimal safety with minimal pain and the least risk of complications.

How Painful is Septum Piercing On a Pain Scale 1-10?

Most people rated septum piercings 4-6 on a scale of 1-10. They only feel the pain for a few seconds while the piercer is piercing.

However, people’s pain tolerance varies. For example, some studies showed that people have a higher pain tolerance level if their estrogen levels are higher.

Getting septum piercings from an experienced and skilled piercer will determine how much pain you will bear. They should have formal training and a track record of successful piercings.

You can’t also overlook the importance of an aftercare regimen. Strictly following the aftercare instructions is essential to promote smooth healing.

How Long Does Septum Piercing Take To Heal?

Most people don’t feel any feel after 1 week of septum piercings. However, it may last up to 3 weeks if you have too much redness, tenderness, or soreness.

Septum piercings generally take around 2 to 4 months to heal completely. But the healing duration may take up to 6 to 8 months for a few people.

If you take too long to heal or feel excessive pain for an extended period, take immediate suggestions from your piercer or a certified ENT specialist.

What Factors Affect The Septum Piercing Pain Level?

Most people experience short-term mild pain from septum piercings. But it can be more or less depending on the following factors.

01. Pain Tolerance Level

Not all people have the same tolerance level. Estrogen levels, the experience of pain, genes, age, chronic illnesses, emotions, bodies, lifestyles, etc., will influence your pain tolerance level.

02. Piercer’s Skills

Thousands of piercers pierce daily. But not all get 100% success. Choose a highly skilled and experienced piercer who will ensure minimal pain and accurate piercings.

03. Piercing Technique

Septum piercings involve several steps. Following the correct technique in each step is essential. The piercer must use intact, sharp needles and follow strict sterilization protocols.

04. Piercing Location

An improperly placed piercing can result in pain and discomfort. An experienced piercer will consider factors such as the client’s anatomy, skin thickness, and the placement of blood vessels and nerves to determine the optimal location for the piercing.

05. Mental Health

Stress and anxiety, such as depression and epilepsy can place constant pressure on your vagus nerve. Your brain will release endorphins. You will feel intense pain as your body releases stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

06. Preparation Before Piercing

Be sure you are physically and mentally fit before piercing. You must be well-rested to tolerate pain better. It will promote a sense of calm. Keeping the body hydrated is also vital for easier vein access and reduces the risk of infection

How To Alleviate Septum Piercing Pain?

Are you feeling too much pain after the septum piercing? The followings are the pro tips you can implement to reduce the pain.

01. Wear Top-Grade Jewelry

High-end jewelry has a smooth surface without any irregularities.

Their composition, design, and finish are skin-friendly to reduce infections and other skin problems.

You can choose fine jewelry such as implant-grade stainless steel, titanium, gold, silver, or platinum. It must be free from nickel.

02. Clean Regularly

A pierced area is more vulnerable to bacteria and other pathogens.

Regular cleaning is vital to reduce the likelihood of infection, irritation, inflammation, and scarring.

Clean the piercing area twice or thrice daily during the healing period. You can use saline solution along with gauze or Q-Tip for better cleaning.

03. Use A Cold Compress

You can use ice packs to decrease pain and tenderness in the affected area, as cold can numb the pierced area.

A cold compress can reduce swelling and inflammation by restricting the blood flow and contracting the blood vessels.

Use a cold compress for 10-15 minutes at a time. You can apply it twice or thrice daily. But maintain a break of at least 30 minutes between applications.

04. Eat OTC Pain Medicines

People sometimes take OTC pain medicines such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or acetaminophen to relieve pain.

If you already have any physical issues, consult your physician before taking OTC pain relievers.

Be sure to strictly follow the recommended dosage instructions and not exceed the maximum daily dose.

05. Don’t Irrigate The Piercing Area

Avoid using any products in the piercing area that contains harsh chemicals.

Otherwise, it will irritate or potentially trigger a rejection reaction. They can damage cells.

Plus, you should not get close to any chlorinated pools as they contain various contaminants. It can also kill off the good bacteria necessary for the healing process.

After Care Tips For Septum Piercings

01. Avoid unnecessarily touching the septum piercings or twisting the jewelry with your bare hands or fingers. Your hands may contain many bad bacteria or germs.

02. Don’t play any intense sports that cause continuous movements of the nose area. It can increase the risk of injury or trauma to the pierced site.

03. Strict to the aftercare routine until the piercing area completely heals. Maintain consistency to heal quickly.

04. Be cautious and inspect your healing progress daily. If you feel any infection, immediately contact your piercer or a doctor.


Are you still wondering about the septum piercing pain scale of 1-10? You will definitely experience a small amount of pain like other piercings.

But the pain level may vary depending on various factors that we have already mentioned. Get the piercing done by a reputed and highly skilled piercer for optimal safety and comfort.

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