How To Fix A Crooked Septum Piercing: 3 Easy Solutions

Is your septum piercing not centered in the middle of the septum? Or is its location at an angle or off-center? This may lead to a crooked appearance.

Apart from being aesthetically displeasing, a crooked septum piercing will cause discomfort or irritation. So, how to fix a crooked septum piercing?

Before heading over to a professional piercer, you can try some easy-to-go solutions. We will help you quickly solve this problem. Keep scrolling!

What Causes A Crooked Septum Piercing?

Before knowing how to fix a crooked septum piercing, it is crucial to figure out the main reason for this problem. The followings are common causes of this issue.

01. Improper Placement

One of the most common reasons for a crooked septum piercing is improper placement.

It generally occurs when the piercer fails to mark the septum’s center precisely.

 Not considering the shape and size of a person’s nose can also cause this problem.

02. Swelling

Another common cause of this problem is swelling, which occurs due to the higher movement of fluid and white blood cells in the pierced area.

When your nose swells, it causes the jewelry to shift or move as the body part becomes larger. It causes a crooked appearance.

03. Improper Care

Have you taken care of your septum piercing correctly during the healing period?

If not, this may cause various healing complications, such as infection, scarring, etc.

It will cause misaligned septum piercing, looking asymmetrical, uneven, or off-center.

04. Anatomy Of The Nose

The anatomy of every person’s nose is different. Are there any irregularities in your nasal cartilage? Or is your septum not symmetrical?

These attributes can influence the placement of the septum piercing, which will ultimately cause crookedness.

How To Fix A Crooked Septum Piercing?

Fixing a crooked septum piercing of your own can save you money and time. Here are a few top solutions to resolve this problem at home.

Solution: 01 — Keeping The Jewelry On the Spot

Have you decided to take off the jewelry due to crookedness? Never make this mistake!

Keep the jewelry just the way it is. Taking off these metal items will cause the body’s natural healing processes to kick in. The hole will begin to close up gradually.

Leave the jewelry in its current location. It will work as a visual guide to see where it sits on the septum and whether it is centered or off-center.

Solution: 02 — Adjusting The Jewelry Position Gently

Another simple and harmless approach is adjusting the position of the jewelry gently and carefully.

Rotate or twist it cautiously on a particular site as per the requirement. But you can’t overdo it. Otherwise, it will cause further irritation or injury to the piercing.

Solution: 03 — Massaging The Pierced Area

Sometimes, the soft tissues of the nose may become too tight or stiff for a few days to a week after the piercing.

One of the practical solutions to this problem is massaging the pierced area.

You can use a fresh, damp towel for massaging. Gently rub the affected zone.

 It will relieve tightness and tension in the muscles and soft tissues and increase blood flow.

What To Do If You Can’t Fix A Crooked Septum Piercing Of Your Own?

If you are still struggling to solve a crooked septum piercing of your own, it is best to contact your piercer or a medical professional.

You should not delay the treatment. Otherwise, it will worsen the issue or cause further damage to the tissue in the affected location.

The experienced piercer will first examine your piercing condition and determine the best course of action to correct the crookedness.

It may require getting off the jewelry temporarily for quick healing. And then, the professional will re-pierce the area in a better location.

Or the piercer may adjust the placement of the piercing. Alternatively, you may need to switch to a different type or size of jewelry.

How To Avoid A Crooked Septum Piercing?

We all know that prevention is better than cure. The followings are the pro tips you can stick with to avoid a crooked septum piercing.

01. Choose An Experienced Piercer

A high-profile, professional, and experienced piercer may charge more than regular piercers.

But it is worth the investment in the long run. These trained and skilled professionals have demonstrated knowledge and competency.

They can do complicated piercings more precisely. Most importantly, professional piercers can guide and educate you regarding the proper care of the piercing

02. Stick To The Aftercare Instructions

Strictly following the aftercare instructions ensures a smooth healing process without infection or irritation. Otherwise, it will slow down the healing time.

Plus, not following the aftercare instructions may increase the risk of complications, such as scarring, rejection of the piercing, etc.

You have to clean the septum piercings regularly with appropriate cleaning products.

Also, avoid submerging the piercing in a swimming pool or hot tub and using makeup or lotions in the pierced area.

03. Don’t Touch The Piercing

Some people may repeatedly touch their piercings due to anxiety, habit, curiosity, insecurity, or discomfort. This may slow down their healing period and may cause irritation bumps.

Your bare hands may contain various germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms. They will be transferred to the piercing site.

Besides, your bare hands may contain oils and dirt that will be shifted to the pierced area. This will cause clog the piercing site and cause irritation.

Make sure to always wash your hands properly before touching the piercings.

It is best to wear intact gloves to minimize the risk of introducing bacteria or other contaminants to the piercing site.

Wrapping Up

A crooked septum piercing is not something comfortable and good-to-look. You want to get rid of it quickly to avoid further problems.

We have already discussed how to fix a crooked septum piercing and what needs to be done to prevent this problem. Make sure to contact your piercer whenever you face any problems. Before doing any risky activities, think twice. Take care of your septum piercings carefully and gently.

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