Frog Eyes Piercing Vs Snake Eyes: Ultimate Comparison!

Tongue piercing symbolizes a fashion statement. But people often get confused between frog eyes piercing vs snake eyes piercing. 

Similar to the frog eyes tongue piercing, the snake eyes piercing also causes the ends of the jewelry to stick out above the tongue’s surface, giving the appearance of snake eyes.

Here, we will help you learn all the in-depth details about both tongue-piercing methods and how they differ. 

What Are the Differences Between Frog Eyes and Snake Eyes Piercing?

SpecificationFrog Eyes PiercingSnake Eyes Piercing
PlacementMore toward the middle of the tongueNear the tongue tip
BarbellsTwo straight barbellsA single curved barbell
RisksA bit less riskyRiskier 
Healing time4-6 weeks6-8 weeks or longer
Risk of infectionA bit less risk of infectiona higher risk of infection
Jewelry optionsA variety of jewelry optionsLimited jewelry options
CostA bit less expensive slightly more expensive


One of the most significant differences between these two piercings is their placement. 

Frog eyes tongue piercing is placed at the center of the tongue. An artist or professional places it on top of the tongue head.

Frog eyes tongue piercing is pierced vertically through the center of the tongue. 

They are placed on both sides of the tongue and look like frogs when you open your mouth.

On the other hand, snake eyes tongue piercing is placed near the tongue tip. They are often called “scoop” piercings.

Professionals pierce snake eyes, tongue piercing horizontally. It affects the mobility of the tongue due to the vascular structures. 


Frog eyes tongue piercing has two straight barbells. 

A single straight barbell is placed on each side of the tongue.

 The main advantage of a straight barbell is getting proper stability and better healing. 

In contrast, snake eyes tongue piercing has a single curved barbell to match the tongue’s natural contour. 

Plus, they are a better fit for the anatomy and movement of the tongue.


Both tongue-piercing methods are significantly risky. 

Unprofessionally doing it can lead to problems such as swelling, pain, infection, bleeding, nerve injury, and damage to teeth and gums.

But snake eye piercing is a little riskier than frog eye piercing due to its horizontal placement of the piercing.

It can cause more trauma to the tongue and raise the possibility of rejection or migration.

Healing Time

The average healing time for tongue piercing is around 3-4 weeks. 

But frog eyes and snake eyes tongue piercing involves a high complexion. 

Frog eyes tongue piercing takes around 4-6 weeks to heal. 

But the healing time of snake eyes tongue piercing will be 6-8 weeks or longer because it is placed on the mouth’s highly mobile and active area. 

However, the individual healing process will vary depending on the physical structure and how the tongue piercing is done. 

Risk Of Infection

Both tongue-piercing methods have a higher risk of infection. 

However, snake eyes tongue piercing has a higher risk of infection than frog eyes due to its horizontal place. 

It is located near the tongue tip. When you talk, chew, or swallow anything, it will add extra pressure and movement and cause the jewelry to shift.

Besides, the tip area of the tongue has high bacteria levels. This increases the risk of infections. 

Jewelry Options

People use various types of jewelry for frog eye piercing, such as gold, surgical steel, titanium, niobium, plastic, etc. 

But you get more flexibility for frog eye piercing due to separate piercings. 

They mainly prefer to use straight barbells in various lengths and gauges because it provides better stability and avoids unwanted movements. 

Conversely, people generally prefer to use curved barbells made from biocompatible and non-biocompatible materials.


The average cost of both tongue piercings ranges from $40 to $100. It can be more, though. 

But snake eye piercing might sometimes be slightly more expensive because of the higher complexity of the piercing technique and the potential for complications.

Final Words

Hopefully, you got a clear idea of frog eyes piercing vs snake eyes piercing. 

Before choosing a particular type of tongue piercing, consider its potential risks and complications, healing time, long-term effects, and current health conditions.

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