Why Is My Old Ear Piercing Leaking Clear Liquid : Common Causes And Effective Solutions

Why Is My Old Ear Piercing Leaking Clear Liquid

Have you done ear piercings a long ago? Is clear liquid coming through the holes? Wondering why the white fluid is leaking through your earlobes? Is it normal or something to be concerned about? One primary reason for transparent liquid leakage is your body’s response to the ear piercing. However, it can happen due to … Read more

Ear Piercing Not Healing After 2 Years! Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Ear Piercing Not Healing After 2 Years

Ear piercing generally take 4-12 months to heal completely. Usually, the healing period for ear lobe piercings is usually around 4-6 months, whereas inner or outer ear piercings may take about 6-12 months to complete healing. It may take additional 3-4 months in some cases. But is your ear piercing not healing after 2 years? … Read more

Ear Piercing Bleeding After Years: Causes and Treatment

Ear Piercing Bleeding After Years

Ear piercing is a popular way among people around the world to showcase their style and express themselves. It’s a cultural thing for many parts of the world as well. Although ear piercing is a simple procedure, it can cause infection, bleeding, and many other complications if not cared for properly. If you had your … Read more