Does A Septum Piercing Change The Shape Of Your Nose?

Septum piercing is a popular body modification and a century-old tradition worldwide. It is done through the septum, the thin area between your nostrils. But does septum piercing actually change the shape of your nose? Let’s read on to find more.

What is Septum Piercing?

A septum piercing is a type of body modification located in the cartilage of your nose, between the nostrils. It’s a popular piercing known as a “bull ring” because of its circular shape and central location.

The septum or nose piercing is usually done through a hollow needle with a curved shape. This process also requires a captive bead ring. A needle goes through the underside flesh of your nose, and the bead ring is inserted through the hole.

You can use bead rings made from a number of materials such as silver, gold, etc. They generally come with various decorative beads and charms. The healing process after septum piercing can take a few weeks. It might feel uncomfortable while healing, and you should always keep the area clean.

Is a Septum Piercing Right for You?

Before you decide to get a septum piercing, it is essential to understand its potential risks and consequences. As a type of body modification, septum piercing can develop an infection and other complications in that area. You should also consider the healing time, which might take several weeks.

So, when considering having a septum piercing, consider whether the whole process is comfortable for you or whether you can deal with the pain and healing time. Although it’s not an expensive process like other body modifications, you should also consider its cost.

You should also choose what jewelry suits you before having a septum piercing. Besides, change the bead ring only when the piercing is completely healed.

Can a Septum Piercing Affect the Shape of Your Nose?

The answer to this question is yes. Septum piercing can change the shape of your nose, but only temporarily. It will not necessarily be permanent. When you get a septum piercing, a metal barbell will be inserted through your nasal septum.

This barbell is slightly bigger than the holes left in the septum. So, the surrounding area of your nose may expand due to it. This expansion can cause a slight difference in your nose shape depending on the size of your septum piercing, nose, and body type.

But if you decide to take it out, your nose will return to its shape before piercing. However, if you keep the piercing for an extended period, your nose may permanently change shape. But that depends on many factors. One of them is the thickness of your nose cartilage.

If you have thicker cartilage in your nose, it is less likely for your nose to change shape significantly since the piercing may not be able to penetrate your cartilage. However, if you have thinner cartilage, you may experience more expansion and change in your nose shape.

Crucial Tips for Septum Piercing

Let’s check out some essential tips about septum piercing:

  • Before having a septum piercing, do your research correctly. Learn the aftercare, side effects, healing time, etc.
  • Ensure you find an experienced piercer with the expertise and knowledge to perform the process safely.
  • You must clean the piercing area regularly to prevent infection. Use a saline solution for the process.
  • Choose your jewelry very carefully. Do not use anything that does not suit your skin.
  • If you experience any pain or redness or see an infection, contact your piercer or a medical professional immediately.


Do Septum Piercings Work With Your Nose Shape?

Yes, septum piercings work with your nose shape. It can change your nose shape depending on a few factors. Again, different jewelry is suitable for different nose shapes.

How Long Does It Take to Change a Septum Piercing?

You will need just about 10 minutes to change a septum piercing. However, it is essential to consider how often you should change your piercing. In general, you should change your jewelry after two or three months.

Final Thoughts

Nose piercing is a personal choice for fashion or to express identity. It causes temporary change, and your nose appears slightly different. But it will not permanently change your nose shape.

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