Ear Piercing Claire’s Vs Tattoo Parlor: Which is Best for Ear Piercing?

When it comes to getting your ears pierced, you have several options. Many people prefer to get service from Claire’s and tattoo parlors. 

But a hot debate exists between Claire’s vs. Tattoo Parlor. Which one should you choose? You will learn everything from this article.

What Is The Difference Between Claire’s Vs. Tattoo Parlor For Ear Piercing?

SpecificationsClaire’sTattoo Parlor
Ear Piercing ProcessAn Ear Piercing GunA Single-use Sterilized Needle
ExperienceEmployees TrainedExperienced Artists
SanitizationLess ReliableMore Reliable
SafetyLess SafeSafer
CostA Bit LowerA Bit Higher

Ear Piercing Process

Claire’s uses an ear-piercing gun to pierce ears.

The gun has cartridges, which create holes through the ear lobe or other parts of the ear.

They will likely cause swelling and may take a little longer to heal. It may take around one year or longer to recover fully.

 You may experience a blunt stud forced through your skin.

On the contrary, tattoo parlors use single-use sterilized needles. 

It ensures an accurate and precise piercing angle for the perfect piercing. They mainly use smaller gauge needles (18-20) to cut a clean hole. 

They usually take 1 to 2 months or up to 6 months fully heal.


Claire’s employees are trained in ear piercing.

Unfortunately, the employees of Claire’s are often not licensed and trained professionals.

They mainly deliver a short training session on how to line up an ear-piercing gun with a black dot on a cardboard ear.

On the other hand, needles require extensive training to use for ear piercing.

Employees from many tattoo parlors have anatomical-based education gone through more rigorous training and sterilization processes for better ear piercing.

They can ensure a more hygienic piercing procedure with less tissue trauma.


Unfortunately, ear piercing guns used by Claire’s are often not sanitized in a medically recognized method. 

This type of gun has several plastic or metal-encased plastic components. 

Properly sterilizing an ear-piercing gun’s parts is often impossible. It may result in transmitting infections and diseases.

Most professional tattoo parlors use the maximum standards for sanitation and sterilization.

They use disposable sterilized piercing needles or earrings.

Also, tattoo shops use autoclave machines to sterilize all reusable equipment using heat and store them in sterile bags.


Ear-piercing guns used by Claire’s may cause significant trauma to the skin and flesh.

They often apply too much force to the ear. Some users experienced infections problems too.

They have seen heat, redness, pain, and swelling in their ear lobes. The ears are painful to touch.

Besides, body fluids or common bacteria from other customers may get into another new user. This can lead to infection.

On the other hand, ear piercing in a professional tattoo parlor is safer than Claire’s.

They use hollow needles to cut a hole in your earlobe instead of ripping a hole. Hence, you feel less pain.


One of the main reasons behind choosing Claire’s for ear piercing is their lower cost.

The cost of ear piercing at Claire’s can vary depending on the location, but typically it ranges from $20 to $50.

On the contrary, ear piercing at a tattoo shop is a bit expensive.

The cost of a basic ear piercing at a tattoo shop starts at $40. It can be $50 or more, depending on the type of ear piercing you want.

For example, Complex piercings like cartilage or multiple piercings will cost $40 to $100 or more per piercing. High-quality pieces of jewelry will add an additional cost.

Which Option Should You Choose for Ear Piercing Between Claire’s and Tattoo Parlor?

When it comes to safe, reliable, and less painful ear piercings, a professional tattoo parlor is the best choice over Claire’s.

They have received comprehensive training and possess the expertise and proficiency to pierce ears safely and efficiently.

Professional tattoo parlors also offer customized piercings to suit your individual preferences and follow strict sterilization procedures for a safe and comfortable ear piercing.

Summing UP

Are you still wondering which one to choose between Claire’s Vs. Tattoo Parlor? You should not!

Getting an ear piercing service from a professional tattoo parlor may be a bit expensive. But you will be benefitted in the long run surely.

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