Can I Put A 14g In A 16g Piercing?

Body piercing is exciting for many people, but doing it safely and correctly is crucial. Choosing the right jewelry is essential to ensure your piercing heals quickly. That’s why you must choose the correct gauge for your piercing.

You might wonder whether you can put 14g jewelry into a 16 piercing. Many people have the same question. Here we will discuss whether you should do that. We will also look at the risks of using the wrong gauge jewelry. So, let’s get going right now.

What Is A 14g And 16g Piercing?

14g and 16g refer to the gauge size of the piercing. A 14g piercing is done through a 14g needle, which has a 1.6 mm thickness. On the other hand, 16g piercing is done with a 16g needle and has a 1.2 mm thickness. So, 14g piercing is thicker than 16g piercing.

The gauge size is essential for piercing because it determines the amount of trauma and irritation you will have to bear during the piercing and healing process. A 16g piercing generally heals faster than a 14g piercing. However, 14g jewelry is better suited for certain piercings and people.

Can I Put 14g Jewelry In 16g Piercing?

Using 14g jewelry with 14g piercing and 16g jewelry with 16g piercing is recommended. Professional piercers do not prefer wearing jewelry that is thicker than the size of your piercing. Doing so may result in irritation, discomfort and increase the risk of getting infections.

Thicker jewelry can stretch and damage the tissue surrounding the piercing. As a result, it will take more time to heal. But you can use slightly thicker jewelry on a 16g piercing only after it completely heals. Plus, you should use tapered jewelry in that case.

However, if you want to put 14g jewelry in a 16g piercing, you should consult a professional piercer first. Based on that evaluation, they can evaluate your piercings and recommend the right style of thicker jewelry.

Risks of Putting a 14g in a 16g Piercing

A few potential risks are associated with putting a 14g in a 16g piercing. Let’s see what they are:

  • If your piercing is done with a 16g needle, there is an increased risk of developing infections if you use thicker jewelry like 14g.
  • The thick jewelry in comparatively thin piercings may increase the trauma for the tissue.
  • Thicker jewelry is difficult to remove and clean to prevent infection.
  • Inserting thicker jewelry than the piercing can cause tissue damage and scarring around the piercing area.
  • It can also cause pain while putting the jewelry on and even bleed.

Benefits of Using 14g Jewelry in a 16g Piercing

Despite many risks of using 14g jewelry in a 16g piercing, there are also some potential benefits. The following are some examples,

  • A 14g piece of jewelry in a 16g piercing will provide a more secure fit for some specific types of piercing.
  • It will be a better option for piercing those body parts that are in constant movement.
  • 14g jewelry is larger than 16g jewelry. So, putting 14g of jewelry will make it more visible and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Using 14g jewelry in 16g piercing is an excellent option for some specific individuals, such as people with a larger piercing site or thicker skin.

Tips for Putting 14g Jewelry in a 16g Piercing

If you want to go ahead and put 14g jewelry in a 16g piercing, there are a few essential tips you should keep in mind and follow. Let’s see some of the most crucial ones:

  • Visit a professional piercer who can help you choose the right jewelry style.
  • Carefully choose the jewelry style and metal so that you don’t experience any irritation and discomfort.
  • Clean the piercing area with a saline solution before and after putting 14g of jewelry. It will prevent the risk of infections.
  • Do not push it too hard. Take your time and insert the jewelry slowly and carefully.
  • Use a lubricant if you have to.

Final Thoughts

While using 14g jewelry in a 16g piercing is possible and has some benefits, you should not do it if your piercing is completely healed. It can cause excessive pain and bleeding. Otherwise, you can go for it.

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