Are Belly Button Piercings Trashy Or Cute?

Belly button piercings are easy to take care of and relatively painless. Apart from typical girls, celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, the Kardashian sister, etc., have belly button rings.

But why have these people done belly button piercings? It increases their physical attractiveness as it is a cute center point between breasts and hips.

Are belly button piercings trashy or cute? If you are thinking of getting a navel piercing for the first time, you might be confused.

This article will give a complete overview of whether getting belly button piercings is worth it. Keep scrolling until you reach the bottom.

Do Men Like Belly Button Piercings?

The belly button area of women is a sexual trigger for many men. Guys are attracted to this erogenous zone because it points up a girl’s waistline and curves.

Females with perfect skin color and body shape may love to show their body parts. This type of girl may love navel piercings to show off her skin and body.

Belly button piercings will make them more attractive and sexy. Men are more likely to be attracted to them due to their openness and boldness.

However, fat girls with dull skin are less likely to draw guys’ attention. It won’t matter whether they have belly button piercings or not.

Nevertheless, people’s taste and preference varies. Some may find beauty in curvy women with beautiful navel rings.

Are Belly Button Piercings Attractive?

The simple answer is that you will look good with navel rings if you are beautiful and attractive.

But if you are unattractive with a plain appearance, belly button piercings won’t make any difference.

However, if you care more about your own happiness and merely care about the comments of other people, it doesn’t matter how you look with belly button piercings.

People have their own viewpoints on how they look. If you think you look attractive and classy with navel rings, keep it and show it. Some men may like it, and some not.

How To Make Belly Button Piercings More Attractive?

Apart from your skin color and attractiveness, some special attributes will determine how good you will look with belly button piercings. They are given below:

01. Choose The Right Jewelry

When it comes to showing off navel piercings, dangle jewelry is the top choice due to its rich designs and unique patterns. They look beautiful and elegant.

Some have curved barbells with a few adornments like stones, jewels, or charms. They hang off at the bottom area of the navel ring.

02. Wear Simple Dresses

Don’t wear dresses with too much embellishment or busy patterns. This may detract from the piercing.

Instead, wear a simple outfit with a minimalist design and clean lines.

You can choose form-fitting dresses, bodycon dresses, wrap dresses, etc., to draw attention to your belly button piercings.

Get a dress that brings a sense of balance and symmetry when you wear it. It must be well-fitted to make you feel comfortable and confident.

03. Placement Of The Navel Rings

Your belly button piercings should be placed about ½-inch to 1-inch above the belly button. It needs to mark the true center above your navel.

Choose your outfit wisely based on the placement of your navel rings.

For instance, if your belly button piercing is located almost 1 inch above the belly button, wear a dress with a higher waistline or a cropped top. This will help you show off your navel clearly.

But, if your belly button piercing is almost 1/2-inch above the belly button, it is okay to wear an outfit with a lower waistline or a cut-out design. This type of dress will be more flattering.

04. Wear High-quality Jewelry

Piercing jewelry is a long-term investment. You should not mind expending extra to get the best quality.

 The average price of belly button jewelry ranges from $50 to $100+. Make sure to buy 100% solid precious or semi-precious metals.

Gold, silver, platinum, steel, etc., are the top choice. TummyToys is one of the most favorite brands as they are recognized as “real body jewelry for real women.”

People generally prefer this brand as their jewelry sits comfortably in your body piercing and has a high-shine color to look attractive.

Avoid buying Trashy belly button rings. They are made of filled or plated materials, which will quickly flake off and harbor bacteria.

Wrapping UP

Belly button piercings can be a sensual or erotic form of adornment, a fashion, or a symbolic meaning. It must look attractive and classy when you want to show it off.

You can follow the above-mentioned factors to make yourself beautiful while wearing navel rings. Hopefully, you now know, “Are belly button piercings trashy or attractive?”

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